Garage Door Repair Services
For as little as £39 we can bring new life into your broken up and over garage door, folding sectional door, hinged garage door or roller shutter door. The perfect economic solution to your garage door problems.

Garage door off runners 
Door Off Tracks (cable off or broke)
If the cable falls out of the groove it is supposed to ride in, it will throw your garage door out of alignment.  This usually happens when a door is bumped during travel, or slammed on the ground.  If you open the door when it has a cable off the drum, you could end up with a hung door, a much more expensive problem to fix. This is a good reason why you should make sure that no garden tools, boxes, or anything else is placed somewhere that it could end up under your garage door.
A broken garage door spring
Broken Springs
We highly recommend that you don't attempt to fix them yourself. They are VERY DANGEROUS! The Springs are under Extreme Tension that can cause serious injury or result in death. So call us to get the job done right and professionally.
Garage door automation repairs  
Garage Door Opener Repairs and Replacements
"Open sesame!" Garage door openers are the unsung heroes of modern life. Without them we would have to actually get out of the car to open the door. With them we simply push a button and drive right in--unless the opener doesn't work (or the garage is full of broken stuff). It's a good thing that garage door openers are relatively low maintenance and easy to fix.